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When you cannot find God in your own story,  the real question is—can you find Him in someone else’s?

There are times in our lives when we feel that we are all alone, scratching out an existence with no help from above.  We may—or may not have at one time felt the favour of the universe and possibly even believed it to be benevolent.  Often circumstances can change all that, and we are left wondering how could we have ever believed that God was good, never mind real.

I am reminded in times like this of the power of story.  I know that so many of us are burned and bitter about the prospect that God cares for us.  But I think many times it is because we just don’t see any meaningful evidence.  But why does that evidence have to come from our own lives to be meaningful?  Isn’t that why the faithful gather each week to read the gospel stories of Jesus showing up in the lives of the desolate, the lost and the hurting.  Lessons from other peoples lives, means that others’ could learn lessons from mine.

Spirituality is just like that.  It doesn’t belong to anyone yet belongs to all of us.  I have come to believe that whenever God shows up in our reality—we can all benefit from it.  The real question is can we show up in God’s reality?   I think of Jesus after his resurrection telling the disciples they are blessed because they have seen and believed, but even more blessed will be those who can believe without seeing.  Is it possibly that someone elses’ good fortune, their unexpected blessing, their supernatural intervention could be good enough for the both of us? Imagine yourself trusting vicariously through someone else’s miracle-only to discover that their miracle is actually yours.

Is it possible that God is with us all the time, but sometimes we need someone else to show us.  Through Jesus we can know what God is like, and possibly through us, so can everyone else.

Let me know what you think, and perhaps I can find God in your words too.



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