I believe this more than ever


DO ITThe word Miracle needs to be domesticated .  We seem to reserve it for the things that are unexplainable as opposed to moments were divinity and humanity intersect.  Shane Claiborne says it best, ‘believe in Miracles, and live in a way that necessitates one’.

Take the beautiful morning by the sea of Galilee, where Jesus is talking to the crowds that have gathered.  Washing their nets by the shore are some weary fisherman who worked the midnight shift and came up empty.  Jesus gets in one of their boats and sits down and continues to talk to the crowd.  When he is finished he suggests the fisherman take the boat out to the deep and try one more time.  The fisherman objects then politely concedes to this idea.  Out they go, and the catch is phenomenal.  But what was the miracle?

Often this story is referred to as the miracle…

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