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betweenThe one thing I do know for certain, is I am not in control of what isn’t yet lived,
but I am in control of this present moment and how I choose to live in it.

What stands between the Now and the Then are so many things…test results, fears, anxieties, and unknowns.

These are big questions that can rob us, hinder us from deeper truths, or choke out any life that is reaching for the light.

How do we live in between?  The space that happens in the middle of our present certainty and the future?

If we can learn to deal with the space between appointments,
when there are no answers.

Then we have learned what we need to,
regardless of what the appointment might reveal.

We all have those troubling times when we are anxiously turning over the sod of life trying to cope with the yet to be determined. We never like it. Yet if we could only see that this destructive cultivation of our safe and predictable lives is necessary for the growth of anything new.  When a seed falls on fertile soil it grows and bears fruit. This truth itself a seed. Fertile soil takes work. It is the result of the ripping open of our lives.  This isn’t quick, nor painless.  If we could only stop and recognize it for what it is.  God doesn’t do this to us, but is with us in it. To simply ask God to remove it, would be like asking him to leave too.  He is with us in our pain and fears not merely in the absence of them

Peace has to be more than just the eradication of conflict, it must be found in spite of it.

The only way to speed up the process is to contribute to the cultivation.  Participation is the realization that something desires to live and grow and bear fruit in you.  Believing that requires faith.  This same faith exists on both sides of any appointment because it doesn’t depend on results to thrive.  So breath deep and find the beauty that is right before you, and in you.

I bet you know someone who needs to believe this as much as you do.

Go outside and take a walk and remember what is happening out there desire to happen in here…(I am pointing at my heart)



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