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So much of our food is so over processed that we barely need to chew it anymore.
In other words we have machines that process it so that we don’t have too.
The problem is our bodies are designed to do that kind of work
and when we find short cuts we only end up robbing ourselves.

Unfortunately Christian Spirituality has succumbed to the same thing.
Too many people have a hard time eating for themselves.
They need someone else to chew it up so it can go down easier.
That works if you’re a baby bird but gets awkward in a fancy restaurant when your 35.
The problem exists I think in part because we don’t want to do the work of chewing.
True spirituality takes time to not only understand but to embrace.
You don’t become a Christian by saying a prayer – you become a Christian by following Jesus,
and following might mean moving your legs.
But we live in a world where you don’t have to do any work.
Ironically pop Christianity say you can become a Christian by reciting a prayer….
that someone else writes.

But Jesus doesn’t offer us a pre processed faith.
When He talked about God and God’s world he often told parables that needed to be processed…slowly.
Much of what Christ taught couldn’t actually be swallowed…it had to be sucked on.
I like to call these his Gobstopper stories.
Have you ever been reading something Jesus taught and thought ‘that is hard to to go down’?
Here is an example….Pray for those who persecute you.
How do you chew that and swallow? You don’t, what we can do is suck on it and let it slowly digest.
These kinds of ideas can only be understood with the benefit of time and a God awareness.
Here is another sucker Jesus handed out…’people will know you are my followers because of the way you love’.
Chew that one too fast and you might need a Holy Ghost Heimlich maneuver.

So the next time you hear or read something that is hard to swallow,
just remember that maybe you’re not supposed too.
Maybe understanding will require more commitment than your half hour lunch break allows.
The next time your chewing on something that just seems too hard to break up,
it is probably a Gobstopper and unless you want to break your teeth,
I recommend you suck on it very slowly.
Because the way we learn something
can be just as important as what it is we discover when were done….suck on that.

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