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Whispers of peppermint breath,
Billowing clouds of speech,
This time in the year,
This ignoring of fear,
It means something different to each. 
The peace and the comfort,
Brought to mind by this season,
Swallows us whole,
We forget without reason,
The chaos that watered 
This blooming of life,
In a time in a place,
Far away from our strife,
Not to say we forget,
What matters at all,
But we coat it in glamour,
to Soften the fall,
But it was so inconvenient,
The time, and the place,
Lost, if not for a glittering star,
Inconvenient, so often is this kind of grace,
 But hey, all the best things they are.
This moment we passed through,
Like an anchoring tether,
Secretly pulling us,
All back together, 
So realize with it,
Come moments so real,
Ones we may shy from,
But can’t help but feel.
                                              By Brooklin Holbrough
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