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What if you believed that you could make the world a better place. How would that change the way you see and interact with strangers, your neighbors, your co workers, your family

And what if you weren’t the only one.  If there were others who shared this conviction – that God’s love for us desires to produce love in us…and not just in us….but through us.  Imagine all the great things we could do fuelled by the conviction that this is part of why we exist.

Belief is not just about knowing God, but joining God.  It’s not just about trusting that God is at work in our world but trusting that we can be at work in His-partnering with what he is already up to.

Our motivation to meet is outmatched by our motivation to matter…making a difference in our communities

 We are thePARISH,  A fresh expression of serving, loving, engaging.  Part of a growing faith community,

that is following Jesus wherever he goes, sharing his message of hope and love and extending his peace.