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If people struggle with God with us, they will definitely struggle with God in us.  Mark records evidence of this as Jesus goes home to Nazareth and brings his disciples.   (Mark 6) He teaches in the Synagogue on the Sabbath and many are amazed and speak of his wisdom as a noun-”where did he get these things?”.  They struggle with him being anything but the Carpenter son of Mary.  What they lack is faith.  Jesus references this on his exit.  Upon leaving he was amazed at the lack of faith and as a result he was unable to do very many miracles.  This whole narrative reminds me of how close minded we are.  The disciples will be asked the very same question-aren’t these ordinary unschooled men?  How can they be more than the sum total of their past failures and mistakes.

Anyone who would struggle with Jesus being anything more than a good teacher will struggle with me being anything more than a sinner.
 If Jesus can’t be a Savior, that I could never be a Saint.  But those people probably don’t believe in transformation. I love using the word becoming, because it is so hopeful.  I am not what I was-I am not what I will be, I am becoming.  Jesus is my Savior, saving me from selfish mediocrity, and transforming me into all I was meant to be.  And because he is more than a Teacher, I can be more than a sinner.  Because of God with us, we can have God in us.

Live with eyes open